Scripting support for HeXHub.

Hex Script

Is a plugin for HeXHub 5.01j or newer (it will not load on older versions!).
Currently you can write Lua 5.1.3 scripts that can interact with the NMDC interface of the hub.
The plugin can be configured from the HeXHub GUI under the 'extra' section. If you found a bug please report it to me in hex admins hub.
If you are a Lua scripter you might want to check out the Hex Script NMDC Lua scripting reference

Hex Script Changelog

2008-08-19 Hex Script

2008-08-18 Hex Script the following changes apply only to the plugin if its running on Windows XP or newer *** 2008-06-03 Hex Script 2008-05-25 Hex Script 2008-05-20 Hex Script 2008-05-19 Hex Script Public Beta 3 2008-05-18 Hex Script Private Beta 2


Hex Script Copyright (C) 2008 Morten Larsen
Hex Script includes Lua Copyright (C) 1994-2008, PUC-Rio.

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